Sleep Better by Paw Paw publishing

Book Cover: Sleep Better by Paw Paw publishing

Here is a preview of what you'll learn by reading Sleep Better - Sleep Better, Sleep Healthier and Sleep Smarter to Feel Rested, More Energetic, Less Stressed and Live a More Fulfilling Life

- The science of sleep - Learn about the different stages of sleep and how the different physiological processes of the body work when sleeping
- How the biological clock is regulated and maintained through sleep
- The common causes of sleeping problems
- Habits to avoid before going to sleep
- How exercise and diet impact sleep, helping you to choose the best foods and exercise timing to promote better and healthier sleep
- How stress can impact sleep, and using techniques to alleviate stress for a more restful and better sleep
- Learn how to nap responsibly to limit changers in your circadian rhythm
- Tips for shift workers to achieve quality sleep