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101 Coolest Things to Do in Japan

Forget those long and boring guidebooks! 101 Coolest Things to Do in Japan cuts out the nonsense and gives you all the essential information for traveling in Japan’s most iconic locations: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Okinawa, Hiroshima, Mount Fuji, and more besides!

We tell you the things that other Japan travel guides don’t. Here’s a snippet of what you’ll learn from the book.
- the very best things to shove in your pie hole, from street food staples like octopus stuffed wheat balls to fancy Michelin restaurants in Hiroshima
- the best shopping so that you can take a little piece of Japan back home with you, whether that’s in the form of an authentic robe or a piece of dine Japanese china
- incredible festivals, whether you’re into traditional Japanese dancing or you want to check out a street jazz festival in Kobe
- the coolest historical and cultural sights that you simply cannot afford to miss from 6th century Sinto shrines to 14th century wooden castles
- outstanding experiences in nature from climbing volcanoes to discovering underwater ruins on diving trips
- and tonnes more coolness besides!