August Burning: Outbreak (Book One) by Tyler Lahey

Book Cover: August Burning: Outbreak (Book One) by Tyler Lahey



“Something’s not right.”

What do you do when you know something seems off? When your sixth sense awakens to an imperceptible change in the way people on the street are behaving? When the pattern of everyday life begins to shift, subtle at first, dramatic within a single nightfall? Their facial expressions, how they touch each other, the tenor of their voices...

Something is wrong.

What do you do? Your family is hundreds of miles away. You’re meant to be celebrating. All you have are your friends. And the head on your shoulders.

You run. The infected are coming.

A global infection. Seven college students must band together, and survive the Outbreak. Society is dying. There are no rules anymore. Take what you want, and protect what you love.