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Teachings of the Himalayan Masters - Their Secret Knowledge and Practices by M.G. Hawking

Journey into a legendary world to discover the most powerful knowledge of the ages. Taken directly from the extensive field notes and journals of explorer M.G. Hawking’s five years in the Himalayan regions of Nepal and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (the Himalayan highlands of Tibet), this book contains detailed narratives of his experiences with the truly extraordinary individuals he encountered in a small village deep in the mountains.
These accounts set forth the essential principals of consciousness and specific practices utilized by true masters to attain extraordinary creative powers, esoteric knowledge that for long millenniums has remained concealed in silence. Organized topically to be used as a study guide. Includes chapters on: ‘The Nature of the Masters,’ ‘The True Nature of Reality,’ ‘The Quality of Physical Things as Symbols,’ ‘The Scope of Power and Knowledge,’ ‘Fundamental Understandings,’ ‘Advanced Foundational Recognitions,’ ‘Gathering and Controlling Energy,’ ‘Powers of Healing,’ ‘Visualization Practice and Procedure,’ ‘Master Visualization,’ ‘Thoughts on the Teachings of the Himalayan Masters,’ and ‘The Role of Metaphysics and Science in Understanding Non-Ordinary (Psychokinetic) Events.’
A remarkable account that is inspirational and richly enlightening, this book is an incomparable read for anyone on a spiritual path or seeking greatly expanded personal knowledge and power. A Kindle Unlimited Book. 18 Sections, 34 Subsections, Kindle Edition page count 358. For more information, please see the book’s Amazon description and ‘Look Inside’ feature.