The Poem-Skull by JM Hushour

Book Cover: The Poem-Skull by JM Hushour
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So, what if you're a lazy text-hopping millennial with no direction?
So, what if you're trapped in a loveless marriage to an asexual software designer who is on the brink of creating personalized gods/operating systems for computer users?
So, what if it turns out that half your peer group are actually sadistic villains hell-bent on eradicating art and beauty as we know it from the world?
So, what if a supernatural, poem-spouting skull sidekick appears on your kitchen counter one day?
So, what if art had to save the world?!?!
All the answers and more, including sadistic children's singers, N.A.S.A.-themed adult entertainment, criminal pet owners, and prehistoric enthusiasts, await you in The Poem-Skull.