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The Interview- Preeti by Deepak S

Preeti is an adult actress. Not out of choice, but circumstances. Preeti has had to look after herself ever since she was thirteen.
This, in spite of having parents, who are supposed to protect her. Preeti decides to move out when things get very uncomfortable at home. At seventeen, she moves to Bangalore to escape unwanted male attention.
However, she finds herself in the very situation she is trying to escape. Preeti life changes as she tries desperately to fend for herself. Thus, starts her journey towards adult entertainment and the US.
Her popularity is at its peak, when she calls it quits abruptly and moves back to India. Preeti decides to give an interview to a popular women's media house. She thinks that it will be catharsis for her. That it will lessen her burden.

The man sent to interview her is Vikramaditya Singh. Preeti immediately and instinctively knows that he is different from the men she is used to dealing with. Feelings buried deep in her heart, are beginning to emerge.
Vikram is extremely uneasy around Preeti and there is a degree of revulsion involved too. However, as the interview progress, he begins to see a very shy, scared and broken child. Preeti's shyness borders on paranoia. Vikram begins to see another side of Preeti. And, he likes it. And, Preeti likes all sides of Vikram.

How far can they go together?