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Lifted: Power Money and Speed by King Coopa J

Twenty, Jeff, Bobby and Paula all came racing out of the Ferrari warehouse. Twenty was ahead of the group. He was the first to be greeted by the helicopter. He skidded the car to a stop. What the hell, he thought. Everything went perfectly. Did someone set me up?

Jeff stopped behind Twenty. “Oh sh…” he said to himself.

Bobby slid next to Jeff. “Bro,” he was shocked by the helicopter.

Paula skidded the 458 next to Bobby. “Oh my God.” She muttered to herself.

The police began to flood the area. Someone spoke through a megaphone from the chopper. “Get out of the vehicles and give yourselves up!”

Twenty looked in his rearview. His team was behind him. Waiting for his decision. Their engines were revving. They would follow until the end. Twenty shifted into first and burnt out towards the cops.

Meet the greatest car thief in the world, Twenty. He has a couple things on his to do list.

1. Save his friend's daughter
2. Steal the President's Land Rover
3. Kill that Mexican they call El' Nino.

After being sentence to life in prison for stealing 176 cars. Twenty changes his life around for the better only to get sucked back in by that Mexican they call El' Nino. A vicious cartel with a secret of his own. A secret so powerful that it could destroy Twenty and... his family.