Forbidden by Sophia Malik

Book Cover: Forbidden by Sophia Malik

My heart still aches for you. My eyes still cry you a river at night. My mind is forever intertwined with hopeful thoughts that there might still be a chance. However, reality whispers back to me that you’re gone. Those whispers soon begin to enchain me with a lock and taunt me, until finally I stop fighting the chains and realize you’re the only one with the key to free me. Yet you’ve left with it and I don't know if you’ll ever come back.

I never really knew what love was until I first laid eyes on him.Something about him drew me in more and more towards him like a magnet and soon there was no turning back.
But who would have thought that a shy sixteen year old good girl like me would fall in love with a man like him.He wasn't just any man.He was my best friend's father for heaven's sake.He was a man that was old enough to be my old father and that thought scared me alot.
Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that my first love would be a man in his late thirties who happens to not only be my best friend's father but who also had a very beautiful wife.
If there is one thing I have learnt is life was always full of surprises some good and some bad but I guess in my naivety I chose to enjoy the ride without bothering about the consequences which I might later regret.

As sinful and forbidden my love for this older man was it somehow just felt so right.He was all I wanted and needed and soon I found myself writing a diary of all the perverted thoughts I was having of him ever since I first laid my eyes on his sexy,older self.
My dairy was my only option to vent and share my most forbidden feelings towards him.It felt safe.It felt good to confide into something I know would never judge me or spill my forbidden thoughts to anyone.

But who would have thought that he would one day accidentally see and read my diary? Who would have thought that all the sinful and forbidden things he did to me would feel so good and so right? And what shocked me the most was I wanted this.I wanted everything that he was giving to me.I wanted him.Only him.

Annabelle was just a normal sixteen year old girl who found herself falling desperately for her best friend's father Javadd Knight.
Javadd was a grown man who had a happy family and who was old enough to be her father.
In this riveting tale of Forbidden love that blossomed between these two unlikely people one can only hope that it might end well.But unfortunately Forbidden love is always a rollercoaster of pain and tragedy and maybe just maybe Annabelle will have to learn to accept that harsh truth or let go.