Book Cover:

Dark Flames Rising by Randall S Davis

We met at a French restaurant on the west side of town. I walked over, stood there, a loss for words. What does a guy think when goddess doesn’t come close to an accurate description. Some of my buddies warned me. Don't go there—it's not worth it.
Seven months later I'm fighting in the streets, tripping over bodies, evading bullets and the encroaching mob. Staring up at her as she attempted to reign in the chaos of a city gone mad, I thought I knew the answer.
TV reporter Margot Glinn has seen the worst that society has to offer, but nothing compares to the evil she's uncovered that leads right back to her workplace. In danger and alone, she must warn an unsuspecting public of a cataclysmic event that mirrors one of the darkest days in history.
When rival reporter, Joel Kellerman, becomes an unexpected ally, desire burns hotter as the forces of their enemy grow stronger. Pulled deep into the conflict, they create a firestorm they may not be able to outrun.
One man aims to destroy her. Another will heal her soul. Can these two lovers save a city, or will a bloodbath seal their fate?