Book Cover: HOW TO INFLUENCE PEOPLE by Francis Danso

Anyone privileged to be considered as influential is indeed the person a lot of people look up to in their daily life and even intend to model their life after such a personality despite their daily work life balance.
Whether you are a customer, consumer, marriage counseling expert, educationist or a stay at home parent, your ability to make a productive impact through your influence is paramount to a meaningful and fruitful life.
How do you maximize each hour of productivity so that you can focus on the task at hand as you work from home, go on vacation or relate to your marriage partner and be free to do more enjoyable things that will spice up your life towards positive ends.
How do you accomplish phenomenal feats free of stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression or any form of mood disorders and live the kind of happy life you want.
What accounts for your exceptional success behind influencing employees effectively to achieve the set goals and objectives of the organization?
The above require practice and can be difficult to implement and manage with considering your limited time and busy schedule.
In this practical, lighthearted and action-oriented book, Francis Danso explains how you can be influential in every field of life without sacrificing your social life and freedom you value, by drawing examples from people who are widely considered to have been highly influential in their days and field of achievements and showing the reader how to be more influential.