Trauma Resolution for the Empowered Female by Lara Eisenberg

Book Cover: Trauma Resolution for the Empowered Female by Lara Eisenberg

Abuse, ongoing societal objectification and sexualization, and body hatred can impede a woman’s ability to heal and restore her inherent wholeness. Girls and women often turn to food, love and sex, alcohol, or other addictions to mask and numb the underlying pain of unresolved trauma, self-hatred, and body image issues.

The pathway for healing and recovery must include a holistic, multidimensional body-mind approach. Somatic therapy methods, as opposed to cognitive behavioral "talk therapy", explore how various traumas and life stressors adversely impact the body, mind, and spirit. These methods address physical responses, behaviors, sensations, feelings, and thoughts which often get caught in an unhealthy cyclical pattern in the body after trauma occurs.

This e-book provides the reader with basic information on trauma (definition, types, impact on the brain, etc.), and describes somatic-based trauma resolution modalities including Somatic Experiencing and Yoga Therapy. The author includes a personal narrative on how the she applied these practices to support her own journey toward greater self-love and recovery from sugar addiction.