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Just Survive: Gay Romance MM Story, Finding A Reason To Live by Alex Gilove

Chase Cargill, 30 is a wealthy man whose good looks landed him a modeling career and now a job as a cable news reporter.
He’s also gay, which doesn’t sit well father. Edward Cargill wanted a straight son who was a banker or even a senator. Chase is more likely to be a clown. Chase delights in inviting his young male escorts to dinner with his family. Life is a game to Chase and he is an expert player.  All that changes when Chase is chosen to cover the war. His new life begins when he runs into (literally) Sargent Stewart Landowski (Stu). They share an armrest in coach, which begins a journey that neither of them expected.

As Stu and Chase see a fellow soldier die and endure months of confinement, they develop a bond. Can the bond they formed in a concrete cell translate into love beyond war?