Book Cover:

Naked Chicks & Angry D*cks: An Illustration of Internet Insanity by Stanley Wilson

This creative and unique eBook delves into some of the most controversial events to have happened on the internet in the last few years!

If you enjoy having a laugh at the absurdity of life, you will love this humorous exploration of internet culture and some of the stories that shook the world around us.

From the catastrophic leaks of thousands of celebrity nude photographs from Apple’s iCloud server all the way through to Gamergate and the death threats received by Anita Sarkeesian, nothing is too risqué or too far out of reach for this fabled documentation of lunacy!

Inside Naked Chicks & Angry Dicks: An Illustration of Internet Insanity you’ll discover:

The Fappening
Reddit Revolt
Black Blue/White Gold Dress
Dancing Man & Much More!!!
If you consider yourself internet savvy and enjoy mocking the ridiculousness of pop culture, you simply cannot scroll past this book without venturing inside its cover!