Powerless: American Unplugged by Diane Ryan

Book Cover: Powerless:  American Unplugged by Diane Ryan

This novel is interactive. You decide the fate of the characters.

5 Dilemmas. 32 paths. Will you make the right decisions?

A onetime purchase allows you to read as many "paths" as you wish.

(If you are indecisive, you can choose not to decide.)

Powerless: America Unplugged is an apocalyptic thriller set in Florida. It is action-packed, realistic, and unrelenting in pace. Experienced through four main characters, this story pits survival instincts against morality, despair against hope, and fear against courage. Each day, new challenges, unanticipated threats, and unimaginable betrayals erode trust, blurring the line between right and wrong; and you, the reader, will face five moral dilemmas, each with life-and-death consequences for the characters.

Kyle Murphy has the perfect life—health, wealth, a loving wife, a teenage daughter—until the unthinkable happens. An electromagnetic pulse fries the power grid and short-circuits his life. Kyle is not a "prepper." He has no "bug-out" vehicle, no cabin, no cave, no bunker, no clue. Overnight, his skill set becomes worthless. Can Kyle adapt fast enough to keep his family alive?

Bradley Webber, a twenty-year-old Marine Corps Sniper, is home on leave when the lights go out. He quickly discovers that the EMP is only one phase of a sustained attack, and ruthless "savages" force him to choose between protecting his family and his country. When morality collides with reality, can Bradley fight them . . . without becoming them?

Headstrong and outspoken, Abby Murphy is not your average sixteen-year-old. She's an NRA rifle competition shooter obsessed with becoming a Sniper; and when she reconnects with Bradley, Kyle's two greatest worries--Abby dating and Abby becoming a Sniper--fuse into one colossal six-foot-three problem. She finds herself in the murky realm between adolescence and adulthood, simultaneously battling for respect and for survival, falling in love, while the world around her falls apart.

Army Ranger Ryan Andrews, an artisan with expletives and an expert at pushing boundaries without consequence, is pitted against the special forces of jihad--a homegrown sleeper cell of cousins who have infiltrated the U.S. Armed Forces. He learns, the hard way, that nothing can be trusted, no civilians, no objects, not even the man standing at attention beside him. Caught between his rules of engagement and an enemy that doesn't play by any rules, he will have to decide whether to follow orders ... or follow his conscience.