NAMING THE BITS BETWEEN by Jessica M. Collette

Book Cover: NAMING THE BITS BETWEEN by Jessica M. Collette
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Somewhere between the unexpected changes in life, his legacy becomes a combination of all the others.

Suddenly, she’s gone. Devastated, he’s lost. The comfortable life that married couple Celeste and Eric Harper shared, is shattered by tragedy. For Eric, an unmotivated journalist who is grieving the accidental death of his wife, sorting through this broken existence without Celeste is nearly impossible. It is utterly excruciating.

Right when he needs it most, his neighbor and closest confidant, Mrs. Flynn, presents an eye-opening gift. Inspired, he attempts to move past his own debilitating grief by focusing on what was important to others. With each stranger’s name chosen at random from the newspaper, he honors that person by doing what they loved most in their lives.

One profound adventure after another follows. By documenting the many facets of these lives in his journal, Eric carves a life changing path. With renewed purpose, Eric shares what he learns with Mr. and Mrs. Flynn, illuminating new possibilities for them all.

Look at the world differently after experiencing this uplifting adventure; fully aware, we can each laugh, learn, and ultimately be changed, by one another.