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A Cold Resting Place (Montmoors 10) by Lisa Greer

Sometimes evil comes in twos...

Lenora Watkins, the nanny at Montmoor Hall, has a secret. She is in love with her employer--Lord Montmoor. The only trouble is the twin boys in her care. She suspects they are evil and are trying to sabotage her future with their father. A ghostly visitation from an ancestor of Lord Montmoor spurs Lenora on to action and an obsession with the family mausoleum.

Druid Montmoor is torn. He loves his twin boys, Bal and Bruin, from whom he was estranged for years, but his bride-to-be, Lenora, wants to send them away to boarding school. When Lenora finds out she is due to have the next heir or heiress with the Montmoor name, just how far will she go to secure her child's future? Will the curse of the Montmoor heirs prevail? **This is a serial. You can jump in and start reading here or anywhere in the set of 17 stories.