RESERVOIR CATS by Penel Ashworth

Book Cover: RESERVOIR CATS by Penel Ashworth

The secret life of cats; an insider spills the beans!

Welcome to Squirt's home in the north of Scotland.  In this no holds barred memoir Squirt shares diary extracts, true stories (and a few rather exaggerated ones!), and his own unique, unorthodox views of the world.  Squirt tells his own story with wisdom and wit, introducing the cats, dogs and people in his life and revealing the identity of his secret alter ego.

What advice would a cat give to a cat owner?
Cats and dogs: are they really friends?
Will the mysterious Box Man ever be brought to book for his dastardly deeds?

The answers are here in a book described by one reviewer as "Charming, delightfully funny, insightful, heart-warming."