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Love Stories by prajwalit

Set in India, five separate vignettes detail out episodes for characters of different ages, occupations, and family backgrounds as they grapple with finding , and holding onto,  love.

Structured around the core theme of love, this collection provides an insightful glimpse into the busy everyday lives of diverse characters throughout India, working in various sectors, from medicine to engineering to entrepreneurship.

Though this collection of stories revolves around a universal theme of looking for love, it is not as lighthearted or warm as it sounds. Love is shown in multiple circumstances: the unrequited kind, the tragic love that cannot be due to external factors, and the joyous form of reciprocated love. As the characters struggle with their feelings for each other, the different situations that they find themselves in based on a combination of the choices that they make and serendipity that ensues represent eclectic, original cases.