NOT FIRST LOVE by Jennifer Lawrence

Book Cover: NOT FIRST LOVE by Jennifer Lawrence
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Why do good girls fall for the bad boys?

Jan’s boyfriend is not the right one for her.

Everyone can see that except for Jan herself.

She believes that there’s nothing like first love. She believes that she has got her own Prince Charming.

Arthur has no patience for dramas, romances and women looking for love.
He likes his women with red hot passions who wouldn’t ask any questions.
He is everything that is opposite of Jan.

Arthur has a dangerous job and keeps dark secrets. He always finishes his targets.
His plans are perfect and always well executed.

But life has its strange twists and games that can put all your best plans in disarray.

On top of that, Arthur starting to fall for Jan.

Jan, who couldn’t think of anyone else than her boyfriend, is starting to get attracted to Arthur.

Is there something more than it meets the eye, and who is that blue-eyed Tantrik drinking from a human skull?