The mind of a medium by Tony Garrod

Book Cover: The mind of a medium by Tony Garrod

If you’ve read my first book, Fifty-one Percent you will know that throughout my life, I’ve had many psychic, paranormal and spiritual encounters.   In Fifty-One percent, I explored and discussed how proven scientific theories and facts can seem just as crazy as paranormal and psychic phenomena.  Now, in The Mind of a Medium, I take a look at consciousness. To my mind, the subject of consciousness is the most fascinating subject the world has to offer and as I believe consciousness gives me the connections I receive in my mediumship, I couldn’t start this second book without writing about what I have learned.

What is this feeling of consciousness we experience?  What makes us inspired?  Where does the feeling of imagination come from or my particular idea of beauty? How do we think? What’s involved when a stream of thought happens? How do sparks in our mind create all that we are? I detail this and current thinking on projects going on around the world connected with consciousness in a straightforward, refreshing and engaging way and explore whether artificial intelligence can ever become conscious.

I also share my practical experiences of spiritual circles and other venues I attended to gain a deeper understanding and develop my mediumship ability.  As a newcomer trying to find suitable mentoring and training, I was shocked at some of the experiences I had and how some people who thought they were mediums had limited ability as far as I could see.  I attended three different circles before I found one or two that I felt I could learn something from. I was glad to have found them because in the early stages, it would have been easy to be put off by the people running them or attending them and to give up.  I have written about these experiences in the hope that if any readers have a psychic or mediumistic ability they want to develop, reading about my journey may help them find the right group for them.  I give guidance as to what sort of circle may best suit an individual and some details about the different teaching techniques that various tutors use when conducting a circle.
My book would not be complete without sharing some more of my strange experiences with you. Read about my ghostly encounter at a holiday camp and my totally shocking experience!