Your Perfect Steak by Bell Parc

Signature Steaks by You

Book Cover: Your Perfect Steak by Bell Parc

We know that the perfect steak is personal and that's why after test-cooking over 1000 steaks we're releasing the source code for you to create your very own Signature Steaks. Whether you're a medium-rare lover or you prefer well-done we all agree that Your Perfect Steak must be something that’s
a passion to prepare and a pleasure to eat.

The specific goal of this book is to enhance your skills
and broaden your knowledge of steak selection,
preparation, and presentation. Cooking The Perfect
Steak is something 99% of people will never
master. By applying these techniques you are going to become a Rock Star of the grill, famous with your family and friends for serving the most delicious steaks they've ever eaten.

By the way, we guarantee if you buy a copy of this book you'll be able to out-cook your brother-in-law!