Twice as Long, Half as Bright by J.D. Turner

Book Cover: Twice as Long, Half as Bright by J.D. Turner

Edward Phillips is just like you. He has fears, dreams, anxiety, depression, a weak bladder, an irritable bowel… alright, maybe not you specifically, but the point is that we all have issues — whether they’re big, small, physical or mental. Edward can be found lost inside of his head trying to find himself. I’m not sure exactly how long he’s been there, but he hasn’t left his flat for over a year, and you can smell the ammonia from down the street.

It isn’t until Edward has a surprise visit from a longtime self-proclaimed friend, Hugo Prescott, that his life finally gets back on the move. It may be moving in the wrong direction and heading towards a devastating destination, but at least it’s moving. With Prescott’s obstructive assistance, Edward is confident that if anything gets in his way, he can quickly turn and run for his life. The only problem is that his panic-inducing thoughts keep catching up to him.