The Free World War by Matthew William Frend

The free world war
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Alternate history sci-fi

In this feat of imaginative writing, Matthew Frend describes a world in which the year is 2265 and the Earth's populace are a free-willed and contented utopia, unlimited in its resources, with a past found in virtually accessible simulations. One such simulation is built around General George S. Patton's car accident in 1945. From the future utopia, the simulation accesses an alternate world where General Patton had been killed and the U.S.S.R. plans to spread its tyranny throughout the post-war world - our world.
From the utopian world where Patton had survived, we follow the tumultuous events of a war to free eastern Europeand the Soviet Union itself from beneath the jackboot of communism. A war where the power of individual sacrifice makes a last ditch effort against the corrupt totalitarian state.