Frisked by You by Nikki Mays

Frisked by you by Nikki Mays

SAPD SWAT Series Book 6

Declan just can’t help himself some days. Getting into some sort of trouble just seems like second nature most days. It’s no surprise when Declan makes a reckless move during a SWAT call and ends up in the hospital with a stab wound. What is surprising is that he finds the woman of his dreams...and future fantasies. Too bad instead of being smooth, the pain medication made him a slurring fool.
Aimee doesn’t really have much faith in humanity these days, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. It definitely comes as no surprise that her latest patient is probably problematic. Why else would all of those big police officers be standing near him? What she doesn’t expect is for the man on the gurney to be the most spectacular male specimen that she’s ever seen.
Declan decides to take it upon himself to make sure that his hot nurse accepts his invitation for a date. Too bad she doesn’t agree. In fact, the more Aimee tries to ignore the sexy cop, the more places he seems to “accidentally” pop up. It almost seems like Declan is stalking her, which is crazy. He’s a police officer. They don’t stalk people...they arrest stalkers.....right?