FRONT BURNER a romance for adults by J.K. James

Book Cover: FRONT BURNER a romance for adults by J.K. James
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She can’t be found. She can’t fail. But she can’t turn away.

Emma Rosen is struggling to start over in a new city, when she meets New York Senator Grant Michaels, an intense man she is unable get a read on. An intense man that may be her boss. But distractions have no place in Emma’s back-on-track plans. If she doesn’t pull her crap together, she’ll have no choice but to return home and submit to the people she left behind. To submit to the control she finally grabbed hold of.

As the irresistible state senator pursues her, Emma falls. Hard. She starts to believe she can make it work while hiding from the rest of the world -- and her not-so-fluffy past.

This powerful man opens her eyes to emotions and sensations she's never experienced. She can’t get enough. But with Emma in tow, Michaels' race for the United States Senate is in jeopardy. Will she become his top priority, while he risks to lose it all?

(Mature audiences only for adult themes and heated nights.)