Future Visions by Ivan Litvinenko

One Hundred Years of Culture and Society Through the Lens of Science Fiction Cinema

Future visions
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Imagining the future has been a significant part of the mass culture and a way for our collective consciousness to process the world around us and our expectations of what's to come. Science fiction was one of the first genres to emerge as soon as the moving image was made possible a little more than a hundred years ago. Over the XX century, as we have seen technology advancing faster than ever, sci-fi has always been exceptional at pushing the boundaries of what is possible, both visually and conceptually.This book showcases the evolution of the genre by taking a closer look at some of the most visionary science fiction films, the themes and ideas they raise, and how they correlate with the context they were released into. It is an attempt at providing a comprehensive analysis of the relation between the imaginary worlds of the future and the fears and aspirations of the general public. Ranging from the earliest attempts at imagining the future to the epic space operas, it lists the undisputed classics of science fiction, providing an entertaining read for the die-hard fans of the genre, and an educational overview of the must-see titles for people want to learn more about sci-fi and how it became what it is now.