Eddies in the Space-Time Continuum by JM Hushour

Book Cover: Eddies in the Space-Time Continuum by JM Hushour

It is March 30, 2050, Eddie's birthday. Sure, he's got a dead-end job exploiting the victims of the global ocean level rise, but at least he's in love. Everything's dandy. Right? Until he gets killed. So much for Eddie. But, wait! Now it's March 30, 2050 all over again and in a world emotionally scarred by aliens, Eddie's a psychologically traumatized drug addict who can't shake the idea that he's just been murdered. Before he knows it, he's dead again. And again. And again. Eddie's trapped in a loop of inescapable awful birthdays. Why? And who is this terrifically violent Viola girl who keeps showing up and making him fall in love with her? And if it's not her, who is behind it all?
Inspired by a Scientific American article detailing the twelve likely scenarios that the world could face by 2050, "Eddies in the Space-Time Continuum" covers all of them through one repeating day in the life of one poor repeating schmuck. Twelve futures. Eddie. Viola. A drowning church. A global psychological crisis. A plague of numbers. Nukes. Robot strippers. Talking pants. Aliens. Other weird stuff. And beneath it all: terror, faith, and love.