A Game of Broken Minds by Tom Jolly

A game of broken minds
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“I have seen and heard clues during my long existence, people who knew things they couldn’t possibly know without being part of a hidden network of minds. They may have guessed that we are connected now. If they know you are my only connection to the world, you may be in danger. They may not wish for the company of other brain-networks.”

In Santa Maria, California, Cory lives on the street. Trying to make a buck or two he takes up an offer from Dr Hanson, a pharmacist with aspirations for greatness, and shady means to tap into hidden psychology. After taking a pill from batch 41, Cory unlocks more than just his potential.

And it’s got its own voice too.

Now on speaking terms with a mysterious supermind, Cory must fight to keep the connection at all costs. When a corrupt organization tries to take the reins from him, he must rely on new faces and old friends to outwit the greed-fueled superbrain, hellbent on keeping the power for itself. Dodging threat, interrogation and murder, Cory is set on his objective:

Free all the superminds.

From the brilliance of Tom Jolly, A Game of Broken Minds is a fast-paced, science fiction thriller about freedom and the price of power.

Read to witness the clash of the superminds!