Gardening For The Complete Beginner by LD Greens

Gardening for the complete beginner

These times that we are in, so many of the things we know are now shifting to the “new normal”. It was proved that for a person to adapt new habits, it takes 90 days of practice on the average. We have been in this “new normal” for more than a year. With interests, ways of life and practices shifting, what better timing to learn a new productive hobby? Gardening is an absolute best way to make these new times more enjoyable because what other best feeling can there be than to take care of and tend to something whose yields benefit us directly? Not only does Gardening benefit us directly, it also has a plethora of other benefits physically, emotionally, financially and to top all that, this practice can help address a lot of major environmental issues, which may not seem significant at all because of our impact in the grand scheme of things, but it always starts somewhere, and where it starts is always on the small scale.
This book will teach you:
•History of Gardening (for a little trivia)
•Different Types of Gardens (to have a general idea of your options)
•Urban Gardening (now, I think this is the game changer)
•Benefits of Gardening for Mental Health

I hope you join me on this fun journey!