Generation X by Madison Love

In a future where social media and cell phones are outlawed, a generation fights for freedom against a totalitarian regime.

Emily “M” Aaronson leads the charge, but doubts about her leadership haunt her every move. When Isabella Ortega emerges as a beacon of hope, her familial ties to the oppressive regime pose a significant challenge. As the battle escalates against the Todesschwadron, the impending showdown at the "X-Circus" becomes the battleground for the nation's future.

For readers who relish the rebellious spirit of dystopian sagas like "The Hunger Games" and "Divergent," "Generation Z: Uprising" offers a riveting exploration of a future where the fight for freedom against an authoritarian regime echoes themes of youth empowerment and societal upheaval. This gripping narrative resonates with the adrenaline-pumping excitement found in works by well-known authors of YA dystopian fiction.

Get ready for a pulse-pounding journey as 'Generation Z: Uprising' weaves a gripping tale of technological rebellion, high-stakes resistance, and a battle that will define the destiny of a generation.