Genus6 by Meg Buchanan


Ela’s father recorded a message for her before he died, and one message can change your life…..

New Zealand, 2051. Ela is part of the Elite and lives in the City. The life she leads is privileged, but it’s also boring and filled with rules. One night when she’s out with her friends, they break all the rules and find themselves in big trouble. She gets sent to live with her grandfather to keep her out of harm’s way. Before she leaves, her mother gives her a message from her father, and the message contradicts everything she’s been brought up to believe.…

Jack Fraser longs to join the Resistance. But his boss saddles him with a chaperone job. He has no idea the girl he’s forced to protect, is guarding humanity’s darkest secret. At first, he resents having to look after Ela, but as he gets to know her, he realises, he really likes her.

Genus6is a novella set in a dark dystopian future. It’s the starter story for the Trojan Gene series about a frighteningly real future, determined underdogs, and a battle for human survival. Perfect for fans of the Hunger Games, Maze Runner, The Selection and the Divergent series.

Buy Genus6 If you like Suzanne Collins, James Dashner, Kiera Cass and Veronica Roth, then you’ll love Meg Buchanan’s sci-fi thrill-ride!