When You Get Older by Gabriel Gaiusbayade

When you get older by Gabriel Gaiusbayode

My Brother has lost his daughter... at least in proximity more like she was stolen.

They call it custody, a term used for prisoners, but maybe it’s all one and the same with these unjust systems we’re forced to live with, vindictive mothers we’re forced to accept. When You Get Older is an emotional story told through poems of a bright young uncle and his relationship with his older brother and niece. Due to his parents’ absence throughout his life, he’s always looked up to his older brother like a father figure–and his niece is more like a little sister to him. He wouldn’t change this family dynamic for anything. But it’s not meant to last, and fate tears their family apart. After a period of separation where he questions himself and life, will he be able to find a way to bring back the family he never had? Or is his niece destined to repeat the same kind of childhood as him?

Comprised of poems men will enjoy, as well as women, this moving story addresses topics such as family drama, questioning God, getting in touch with oneself, and the difficulties of mourning lost time. This is the best fiction written in verse you never knew you needed to read.