A Ghost in the Attic by Solomon Petchers

A ghost in the attic by Solomon Petchers

"This story has the quirkiness of an R. L. Stine Goosebumps novel, but a heartfelt storyline and endering friendship like a Stephen King novel. This story is about loss, new beginnings, and the incredible healing power of friendship." - M.L. Crane, Through the Shattered Looking Glass

"Petchers delivers a heartfelt tale that celebrates friendship and adventure." - Raquel Byrnes, The Tremblers

"This story is a good reminder that we all need to dig deeper to learn why people act the way they do."

"The outcast, the new kid, and the geek come together to right a wrong."

Not long after moving into the old Henderson home, I found out that strange things happen here. It turns out that my neighbor, Moose, who's abnormally large for his age and also the school bully, knows all about it and the ghost living in my attic. The problem is getting him to talk without pummeling me or stuffing me into a school locker, where as the new kid, I may never be found.

After my mother goes into the attic and is swept away, I'll need Moose and my new brainiac friend, Nathaniel, to break Mr. Henderson's spell, defeat the savage ghost, and bring my mother back along with the three families that lived there before me. Sounds easy, right?

A Ghost in the Attic is a ghost story that is great for all ages!!