The Gift of Remembering by C.L. Shaffer

The gift of remembering by GF Shaffer

When memories are power, remembering will change everything . . .

Irene once had it all—a loving husband, three beautiful daughters, and a meaningful job. Then a devastating war changes everything. In the aftermath, her husband, Kent decides to undergo “processing,” a procedure that will allow him to selectively forget his horrific memories of the war. Instead, all of his memories are deleted by The Firsts—a governing body systematically cleansing the remaining population through forced processing—and he wakes up with no memory of her, their daughters, or their life together . . . and Irene is next to be processed.

But things take a turn when Irene is told she has something called "The Gift of Remembering," making her processing unsuccessful. After being imprisoned and sentenced to undergo an operation that will permanently erase her ability to remember anything from her past or going forward, Irene is rescued by a mysterious man who introduces her to The Discord, the opposition force. As Irene joins their fight, she discovers that nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted. Now she must call upon her faith to find her daughters and get her family back . . . before it's too late.