Girl, Kidnapped  by Peter R Stone

Girl kidnapped

** A stand-alone novel in Peter R Stone's 'Girl' series **

After disappearing six months ago on the night her best friend was found strangled in the Darebin Creek hotel toilet block, Caitlyn Hughes - daughter of millionaire Brayden Hughes - is found dumped on the side of the road just outside town. Wearing a threadbare knee-length dress and with her badly-bruised ankles encased in leg irons, she's filthy, malnourished and covered in burn scars. She has no memory of how she got there, where she has been or even who she is. A doctor's examination reveals that her memory has been deliberately erased by repeated electric shock therapy.

Desperate to find out who did this to her and why, and displeased with the police superintendent's plodding pace, Caitlyn launches an investigation of her own. However, she is unnerved by her brother's insistence that she talk to him first when her memories start returning because he suspects that their father is the one who did this to her...

From Peter R Stone, the author who brought us 'Girl, Abandoned,' and the thrilling post-apocalyptic 'Forager' six-book series.