Globalisation has No Future by S. Barnat

Be the solution to the economic, ecological and health crises…

Globalisation has no future

Only a person with profound mental illness can say that there is no problem with our deeply mad and unhealthy civilisation. We pollute the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe. We face a risk of nuclear war and overpopulation. Big banks steal the value of our money by creating more money for their own benefit. They speculate with our money on the food of the poorest. Inequality has never been so high. So many don’t have enough to eat or get a decent healthcare while few have so much money that it does not improve their happiness anymore. It just make them targets for the poorest! Our countries are not democracies but plutocracies where the rich really have the power by financing campaign of corrupted politicians and lobbying them.

But amazingly you can be the solution to all these problems. How?

By joining a new system that solves the ecological crisis! It sounds impossible? It is possible.
By joining a system that solves the problem of inequality in the world! It sounds impossible? It is possible.
By joining a new system that solves the constant repetition of economic crises! It is possible.
And more. This new system is also a solution for the risk of nuclear wars, of overpopulation, political corruption, pandemics…

Learn why pure Left and Right, Socialism and Liberalism are two mistakes that belong to the past.
Join the new model of society now,
Be the solution.