God’s Gracious Killer by Dwight David Croy

Gods gracious killer by dwight david croy

Naaman, a successful soldier, is confronted with the greatest survival challenge of his life. Little does he realize that a power greater than the armies of Aram and Assyria will make him see the dark world he lives in a bit differently. He and his family, friends, and his military "iron ring" of trusted servants will all be helpless.

Military missions are familiar, and he can trust his iron ring and his disciplined battle skills. Journey with Naaman, his wife, a Hebrew slave girl, three boys who want to be soldiers of Aram, and his iron ring on a mission to confront his killer and learn about true power. Rimmon, the god of lightning, storm, and thunder, is challenged by Yahweh. Assyrian history from 850-800 BC is revealed as one walks in Naaman's journey. Despite powerful kings, religious superstition, ancient cultural norms, and a king's view of "big" and "little" people, we find out what God does. Experience how Naaman finds an answer to his killer and light for his darkened heart.