Goldie and the Three Bears by Theodora Taylor

Goldie and the three bears
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Find out why readers are WARNING other readers about this book....

"Give me a glass of ice, cold water PLEASE for this repeat read!People, you will never and I mean NEVER visualize Goldilocks in the same way after reading Theodora Taylor's take. I wish I could give it 10 HOT smexy stars! -Dee, Amazon Review

One calls me mija. One calls me baby. One makes me call him....

What would you do if you found yourself stuck in the wilderness, with no one to turn to but three large and extremely hot football players?

Well, that's my situation.

And I'm not sure I can handle these three bears.

Can you?

READER WARNING: This Ruthless Fairytale is BLAZING HOT. Please do not one-click without the for any feelings that might arise.

Also please note, this is not a shifter romance. It is an extremely hot contemporary romance, featuring three football player leads.