Graduation by Robert Brooks Jr.

Book Cover: Graduation by Robert Brooks Jr.

A Bildungsroman set in the US

Everyone knows how hard it is to transition from a secure lake to the unpredictable ocean.

Graduating high school is the start of the long trek a person must endure to get across the desert to reach the oasis. I, Robert "Bob" Jefferson, was no exception.

I have my faults. I was swept up in the epidemic that storms millennials to this day. I partied more than I should have. I was lazy. Not to mention how entitled I was. To be raw and honest, I was lower than dirt.

I guess it was what some like to call "rock bottom".

Graduating made me realize that claiming you will do something then doing it half-assed wasn't going to cut it. I had to stop dipping my feet in the pool, I had to dive in.

Honoring the promise I made to myself to be the best painter of my time was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but like an oyster I made a pearl out of a grain of sand.

Through hard work, hatred turned support from others, and discipline I molded my life into what I wanted it to be.

My story is not only a steaming cauldron of sexual pleasure, that was a bonus.

It is a story of going from not having a clear vision for the future to closing six figure deals with millionaires.

What some like to call a "rags to riches story".