The Gratefulness Journey Everyday by Marcus Holmes

What are you doing in the next 30 days to transform your life?

Gratefulness journey everyday

What if life knocked the wind right out of your stomach? What if you were angry, frustrated, and broken because of death or job loss?

What if you watched your marriage or relationship dissolve before your very eyes?

What if you experienced the ultimate betrayal?

What would you say, and what steps would you take to move forward?

These questions are the core of the heartbreaking and motivational book, “The Gratefulness Journey Everyday: What are you doing in the next 30 days to transform your life?”

This book emerged from the tragic, sudden loss and grief experienced by its author, Marcus R Holmes. Holmes is a certified Human Resources professional with over 24 years of experience. Also known as the HR Passion Guy, he discovered more grateful living as he picked up the pieces of his life, fractured by trauma and loss.

In this book, Holmes goes beyond giving you positive psychology jargon and dives in with gripping detail on how you can apply easy-to-use principles in your everyday life.

He explains how doing this will literally change your brain and create a powerful habit that will transform how you experience life, done in three simple steps.

If you feel living with more gratefulness could allow you to have a life filled with sheer joy, happiness, confidence, and power AND greater impact on others through bold and passionate living, then this is the book for you.

Make no mistake; the path laid out by the HR Passion Guy is simple but not easy because grateful living in 30 days can only happen when you make the three principles in the book part of your daily life.

By the end of the Gratefulness Journey Everyday, you will understand gratefulness, use it in three simple steps to achieve a better life, and start living the kind of life which you used to think was impossible to attain.