Great Quotes For Caregivers by Craig Hlas

Great Quotes For Caregivers - Words to help inspire and sustain the caregiving journey by Craig Hlas

Words to help inspire and sustain the caregiving journey

Sometimes caregivers just need to refresh their emotional sensibilities or overcome physical weariness. They need to reclaim their sense of mission and motivation. That’s where this book comes in.

As curator and editor, I’ve discovered potent and inspiring thoughts can come from authors, philosophers, teachers, actors and comedians, athletes, and (to no one’s surprise) caregivers themselves.

This book started with me collecting quotes that made me more keenly aware of the type of caregiver I wanted and needed to become. It grew from that into a more detailed, organized compilation of qualities and characteristics I think most caregivers are likely to aspire to (or in some cases, hope to subdue).

You’ll find hundreds of quotations here on in about 80 categories. They can help shift an attitude or motivate in a way that fosters a greater sense of satisfaction and success as a caregiver.