Real Pink Collar Workers by Lady Jane Davis

Real pink collar workers by Lady Jane Davis

This story is about a small group of women who work together in a vast airplane factory, based on actual on-the-job events. In sisterhood, they experience love, romance, sexual abuse, alcoholism and control while working together in a “man’s world”; one that will send these ladies down a rabbit hole of espionage, intrigue and the attempted murder of two fellow workers.
On the job, they share great laugh-out-loud humor along with some tear-jerking, heart-wrenching times while trying to find who’s sabotaging the airplanes they build. Could it be the inspector, a supervisor... or the person they work with every day? And just who is the preacher, the lesbian or of royal blood?
During all these great concerns our gals still need to earn a paycheck and do anything to get that damned plane built...well, almost anything.

"(Lady) Jane drew off not just her personal experience at Boeing, but her mom, one of the 'Rosie the Riveters' who forged the way to be accepted into a "man's" workplace."
C. Kelliher, editor; Aero Mechanic District 751 newspaper, read by aerospace workers worldwide.

This story comes from actual events that occurred during many years as a factory worker plus happenings while my mother worked at the same Boeing Airplane Company during World War II. And yep--she was a riveter! Lady Jane Davis

"Sharp, funny, tragic and fun. A great read; romance and scandal, espionage and sabotage-- everything a good historical fiction novel should have. The writer has a sharp wit and a keen sense of sarcasm." Christopher Bailey, author of the Starjumper Legacy.

"Women's fiction? It's more like real life! From my own experience, this is exactly what goes on behind the scenes in the real world of factory workers. From hilarious one-line humor to intense heartbreaks, this was a great emotional ride."
J. Carol Johnson, author of The Lonely Life of a Pornographer's Wife.

"What a funny, exciting and heart-wrenching story! I never really knew what went on with the women who did this kind of work. The author really helped me understand how hard-working those women were, how their lives were turned upside down and yet they fought their way through the back-breaking labor, the bigotry, and the sexist attitudes to succeed in an industry that, until then, had been dominated by men." F. Hornsby, literary editor.