The Greatest Betrayal by Iain Henn
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A heart-stopping romance, an inexplicable disappearance, and a dangerous foe who wants it all.

From her humble countryside origins, Liz Carter has built up a successful marketing agency. And after landing her first major corporate client, business is booming.

Indeed if things were looking up, they go near stratospheric when she encounters dashing airline pilot Callan McKenzie and they begin a whirlwind romance.

But when Callan’s estranged ex gets in touch, desperate and distressed, and asks for his help, Liz’s hopes come crashing down. Callan completely disappears off the radar.

Liz picks herself up. She always does. And in time another love interest appears on the horizon. But so do ominous rumbling clouds that threaten all she holds dear.

Stalked, menaced, and suddenly finding her business heading for a nose dive, Liz must find someone she can trust. Will she make the right choice?

THE GREATEST BETRAYAL is a totally gripping edge-of-your-seat thriller full of twists. It is written by master storyteller Iain Henn whose serial killer mystery DEAD SET ON MURDER is also available on Kindle. Look out for his series of ‘Unsolvable’ mysteries coming soon.