The Gryphon Torn by G.C. Loggie

The Gryphon Torn by CG Loggie
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The Gryphon Torn is the fourth book in the Gryphon series and picks up from the end of the third, The Gryphon Down.

Griff, the reclusive blind former soldier with extrasensory abilities, is beginning to think he can finally lead a regular life when a new friend calls in a big favour.

Unwilling to risk his future, he declines the request for help with disastrous consequences.

When asked to make amends, he struggles, with lying to protect his new life, while saving the man that helped him achieve it.

He is out of his depth, in a foreign country and making mistakes that lead to pain, suffering and murder.

He's torn between saving lives or exposing the truth that will change the whole world forever while longing to return to the family he has been waiting a lifetime for.