This Guy Walks Into A Bar by William Goyette

Book Cover: This Guy Walks Into A Bar by William Goyette

She made him an offer he should have refused.

Joe Campbell’s an average guy. Average job. Average looks. Even his name’s average. Just a regular old Average Joe. Until the fateful night he walks into a seedy bar and meets a mysterious woman with a tempting offer—ghostwrite a novel depicting her life as the mistress of one of the most notorious Mafia kingpins in recent history.

After initially refusing the offer, curiosity and a longing to escape the trappings of his ordinary life get the better of Joe. As his story-in-the-making begins to take shape, things take a sinister turn, and Joe finds himself sinking deeper into a hole he may never get out of alive. First his wife vanishes. Then he’s framed for murder. With the mob, the law, and a band of two-bit criminals in hot pursuit, Joe turns to the only person he can trust—his estranged brother, someone harboring secrets more dangerous than his own.

With no place left to run and nowhere to hide, the brothers, along with a down-on-his-luck detective, must band together if they are to survive the night—a night where no one will escape the crossfire unscathed.