Hades Proper by Sean Rainwater

Hades Proper by Sean Rainwater

After an onslaught of simultaneous, worldwide earthquakes ravages the Earth, a team is sent to explore a crevice that may go down farther than man has ever been able to go.

Dr. William Roth is a brilliant scientist. A successful geophysicist. A prominent atheist. An alcoholic with a scarred past. When he is tasked with leading a team of 7 people on a mission that will take them deep into the Earth, he jumps at the opportunity. Millions have died around the world, the planet is in mourning. This could be the light, the hope that the world needs, and he would be leading it.

According to the Bible, from the beginning of history until the ascension of Christ, both Heaven and Hell were located at the center of the Earth. When Christ ascended He took heaven and all those in it up to the atmospheric heavens where it has been ever since. But Hell remained.

A probe is sent down into the crevice and when it sends back bizarre data, the team is formed. They land at the center of the earth to witness incredible things, but the mission soon takes a drastic turn. They encounter unimaginable evil as they walk into Hell itself. The mission quickly turns from a quest to find answers to earthquakes, into a quest to find answers to life and death.

What happens after we die? Are there truly lavish rewards or grave consequences for the decisions we make in this life? Their journey will answer these questions. But will all of them survive the evil they encounter? And will the world believe them when they return?