Hand of Retribution by KL Bedwell

Hand of retribution

Brianna Hatherd wants nothing more than any other college freshman. Independence. A touch of adulthood. To be away from her small hometown. And for a brief moment, she achieves that goal. Until she receives word of a home invasion that has yielded a horrifying outcome.
Thrust back into Cullton, Pennsylvania, the town she thought she had left forever, Bri finds her family in shambles. Determined to find answers, she gets stonewalled in every attempt by local law enforcement and townspeople. With seemingly nowhere to turn, she prays for justice in a most heartfelt plea for at least one person to see her heartache and intervene.
Soon after Bri’s cry for help, mysterious, supernatural deaths begin plaguing Cullton. As she musters the energy to continue her fight for answers, suspicion over those mysterious deaths is cast her way. Only when a stranger reaches out to Bri does she learn the most inconceivable revelation about the happenings in her hometown, and the price of answered prayers.