Hard Wired by Brandon Gustafson

Hard Wired
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What if you could have a personal trainer for your mind? Most people think about health from the neck down, but we cannot ignore the health of our mind. As humans we are the ultimate adaption machine. We can rewire our brains to completely change the way we think about things. Training our mind is critical to health and happiness, yet it remains something few people actively do.

Hard Wired provides a practical training framework for working towards optimal mental performance. The Mind Skill Tree framework includes seven crucial elements for developing our mind and brain health — learning, health, mindset, mental toughness, managing emotions, decision making, and flow.

Inside the book you'll learn:

* How to assess your current mental performance
* The research and science behind training your mind
* A newfound appreciation for the role your brain and mind play in your life
* A practical mental training framework you can implement
* How to set yourself up for success by using the power of the mind

Whether you are studying for finals, looking to make better decisions at work, trying to manage your emotions during intense gaming matches, or just looking at improving your overall brain function and performance, this book is for you.

Everything you are going to learn in Hard Wired is designed to set you up for success, but it's not a quick fix. Much like physical training, mind training is a lifelong endeavor that evolves over time, but you can begin the journey right now.