Harley James & the Peril of the Pirate’s Curse by Leah Cupps

Harley james and the peril of the pirates curse

Will Harley find the magic pearl before Port Royal is destroyed?

Harley James, explorer and amateur cryptologist, has just arrived in Port Royal, Jamaica—home to the Caribbean’s famous sunken pirate city. Her latest mission? Prevent a mysterious, mythical blue pearl from being discovered and prevent city’s total destruction.

No sweat for an adventurer like Harley, right?

But just when Harley thinks she’s on the right track, everything she believes is turned upside-down. Her friends become enemies; her enemies become friends; and Harley isn’t sure who to trust—including the ghost who’s started following her around.

With time running out, Harley must rely on her codebreaking expertise to discover the truth, solve the riddles, and save the city from certain disaster!

If you love kids mystery stories, grab a copy and begin the adventure!
If you love kids mystery stories, grab a copy and begin the adventure!

The Harley James Adventures Series:

Book 1 – The Mystery of the Mayan Kings
Book 2 – The Peril of the Pirates Curse
Book 3 – The Secret of the Falcon Queen
Book 4 – The Puzzle in Paris (Coming Soon)
Book 5 – The Emerald Tablets of Egypt (Coming Soon)

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