My Heart Will Find You by Toni DeMaio

My heart will find you

Since the age of 3 Sunny has dreamed of an exciting adventurous life lived three hundred years ago by a young woman named Jessamyn. As an adult Sunny is led to write those dreams into a romance novel, and while researching the period she finds the main characters had been real people doing the things she had written about.
As her adult life unravels in treacherous and dangerous ways she is forced to find refuge in the mental health ward of the local hospital in order to save her own life. Here she is forced to forced to see the truth about her marriage and her husband's secret life, and to also discover, the characters in the book she has been writing for years are back in this lifetime with her, playing very different roles.
Sunny believes that writing the dreams into the novel and learning the ending of Jessamyn's story will give her insights as to how to discover her own hopeful new beginning. But her biggest discovery of all will be that great love can survive a distance of 300 years, because true love never dies.